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Miami Beach
6770 Indian Creek Drive
Miami Beach, FL. 33141
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“I am very interested in line quality and detail, how the glass moves, and how to draw with these elements in the design process. If I have done my job right, the glass draws you in and offers a deeply satisfying visceral experience. The panels bring color and light into a room and are enlivening and joyful.” Latimer's fused glass panels are created using multiple layers of colored glass. Layering is used to build both a rich and subtle palette of color, where the pieces cross over and under one another, and an intricate rhythm of line and pattern.

Amber/Rose Watercolor
Turquoise Window Arc Large
Aqua Verde Amber Rose
Turquoise Medallion
True Blue Window
Serape Moon 1
Red Window
Orange/Lavender Line Work
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